Caring for Our Employees,
Customers, and the Community

Aaron Brown and Connie Patmore are celebrating their 10 year anniversary with ATTC this month. They both work in the Quality Department; Aaron is the General Supervisor and Connie is a Team Member. Celebrating their 5 year anniversary with ATTC this month is Steve Brucken. Steve currently works in the production department in differential case area.

Aaron notes the last 10 years have been great; “I appreciate the opportunities that have been given, the best thing about working at ATTC has been seeing the company grow and change.” Connie states that ATTC really focuses on quality and the company listens to their team members and uses some of our ideas. Steve says the company has great potential with the work ethics and standards that are in place.

The trio notes that along with the changes taking place at ATTC, improvements are also being seen. Connie says she has made many friends through working at ATTC. She also states “We have some quality team members here at ATTC.”
During the last 10 years all three have witnessed many building expansions, new products, and many new machine lines. Aaron says he has also seen the growth of our team members and the establishment of a family culture here. Connie also adds with the changes there is always something new to learn especially being a Quality Department Team Member. The differential case area that Steve works in continues to expand.

In her spare time, Connie interests are her boys and hanging out with friends. Aaron enjoys outdoor activities like fishing and camping, as well as spending as much quality time with his family as possible. He recalled those memories as a boy learning to fish for the first time. He adds “I am an outdoorsman at heart, anything to do outside is where you will find me!” Steve enjoys repairing and programming computers and playing music.