Caring for Our Employees,
Customers, and the Community

Great Products Made By Great People

ATTC sees our people as the sole reason we are able to accomplish so much. We refer to our people as Team Members. This is done to be a constant reminder that we are all part of the same team with one vision, and one goal. While we each play a different role on that team, the end result is the same. We provide many hands-on experiences to enhance learning and prepare everyone for success.

“Since joining Perry County’s Business community, ATTC Manufacturing has become a most valuable contributor to our area. Not only does the company provide a dynamic, high-tech opportunity for area residents to work in, but it provides added value by maintaining a scenic campus, supporting local community and charitable events, and by encouraging employees to be actively engaged in community groups and activities. Perry County has been truly fortunate to have ATTC as a business and community partner.”

Alvin Evans, President & CEO Perry County Development Corporation