Caring for Our Employees,
Customers, and the Community

Glenn McManaway and his son Zach Stutsman both work at ATTC.  They both started in production, were promoted to Group Leader and then to Production Supervisor.

They are Supervisors in different departments, so they do not see a lot of each other.

Glenn says it’s good seeing Zach every day, and Zach says it’s nice to be able to chit chat about family news.

Zach started at ATTC in 2002 and Glenn in 2006.  During Zach’s career he has been a Team Member for 3 years, Group Leader for 1year, and Supervisor for 6 years.  Glenn was a Team Member and Group Leader for 1 year, and has held a Supervisor role in the paint department and nearly all rotor zones currently in D zone.

They both agree that the constant growth they have seen since they started at ATTC gives them a since of security with their job.  Glenn also adds that ATTC has a very good Human Resource department that’s really cares about our employees.  They both note that ATTC has provided both career growth opportunities.  The benefits and family events are also something they like.  Glenn quotes “ATTC has been very good to my family and I.”  Glenn has also toured other AT plants in China and Japan while working here which he says was an experience of a lifetime.

Glenn feels he has been a lucky man most of his life, and is very proud of Zach, his two daughters Lacey and Jessie, and wife of 24 years Mellisa.  Zach feels he inherited his hands on mentality of work from his dad.  They both enjoy outdoor activities together and think working together is a real plus.